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  1. Life and death court hearings continued Wednesday as the parents of Alfie Evans, the UK toddler battling an undiagnosed brain disease, relentlessly fight for their right to have a final say in their son's treatment.
  2. A Christian publishing house says Google is intentionally banning ad content from their website.  
  3. A California bill with the aim of banning Christian books and resources which address issues of homosexuality and gender identity could pass in the California Senate as soon as late May.
  4. A group of socially conservative Millennials is behind a movement to cut through the political divide by tackling tough policy issues and looking beyond party boundaries.
  5. The Trump administration is working to restore protections to health workers who object to performing sex changes for transgender people.
  6. Some notable faith leaders have written to congressional leaders to show their support for a bipartisan prison reform act that's being considered by lawmakers in the House
  7. If the major television networks, ABC, CBS, and NBC, can spend nearly a half hour on the birth of one baby, what can't they spare one second for a dying toddler?
  8. Racial trauma counselor and seminary student Kyle J. Howard says churches would do well to follow Starbucks and organize their own day of racial bias training.
  9. The British establishment is willing to sacrifice Alfie Evans to defend the "honor" of its National Heath Service. 
  10. Sen. Thom Tillis (R-NC) is back from Turkey and more upset than ever that American Pastor Andrew Brunson still remains in prison in the country.
  11. Democrats claim FGM isn't a problem in their state and the law to protect little girls is rooted in racism.
  12. Oklahoma's governor has signed a law that makes MercyMe's 'I Can Only Imagine' the state's official inspirational song. 
  13. Candace Cameron Bure joined the ladies of The View to talk about her new book, Kind Is The New Classy: The Power of Living Graciously, but first she was asked to explain a family picture with a snake in it.
  14. After an EF-3 tornado tore through their town, many residents of Elon, Virginia are giving thanks and praise to God.
  15. In the ongoing battle over the rights of women and the unborn, Planned Parenthood is suing the state of Indiana to stop it from imposing a new law aimed at protecting the safety of pregnant women.

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