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  1. The Christian world is crying out for a revival so great, it will transform the world. But a once small church on the outskirts of this Canadian metropolis showed a possible path there starting in 1994 with one of the most powerful revivals of the past few decades.
  2. Attorney General Jeff Sessions addressed some of the criticism he and the White House have received in recent weeks regarding the administration's immigration policy in an exclusive interview Thursday with CBN News.
  3. Charles Krauthammer, a Pulitzer Prize winner, author, and conservative commentator, has died. He was 68.
  4. First lady Melania Trump made a surprise visit to a child immigrant detention center in Texas.
  5. President Donald Trump is hoping lawmakers will match his executive order ending the separating of families at the border with legislation addressing the problem of illegal immigration on a broader scale – and lawmakers agree...
  6. Attorney General Jeff Sessions said Thursday, former FBI official Peter Strzok lost his security clearance, while an internal disciplinary review continues.
  7. It's so encouraging to see how pro-family the Left has become over the US government's policy of separating illegal migrant families.  
  8. Chris Pratt once again used his platform to share the Gospel with thousands of fans.
  9. A federal court is moving ahead with a lawsuit against a New Jersey School District accused of indoctrinating children with Islamic teachings.  
  10. From worshipping the devil to following Christ, one former satanist has an important word for Christians
  11. In a move to shed light on the perceived "Muslim bias” in the UN Human Rights Council, an Australian lawmaker is calling for his country to leave the global organization. In a Facebook post, Anning scolds the UN Council for hosting “some of the most savage and despotic nations in the world.”
  12. The World Health Organization now says being transgender is no longer a mental health disorder.
  13. A Chinese pastor who was reportedly tortured while in prison is now a free man.
  14. Sweden could be on the verge of a major political shift, thanks to a raging immigration debate
  15. Summer has officially arrived, and do you and your family know how you're going to spend it? The Christian card company, DaySpring, has advice on how you can make a memorable summer.

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