Title Scripture Speaker Date
The Divine Cardiologist Proverbs 16:1-9 Pastor Ken Owens 25 July 2009
The Upward Way Proverbs 15:24-33 Pastor Ken Owens 18 July 2009
Trouble Shooting Trouble Makers Proverbs 15:16-23 Pastor Ken Owens 11 July 2009
He's Still on the Throne Psalm 33 Pastor Ken Owens 04 July 2009
The Life And Death Of A Nation Proverbs 14:28-35 Pastor Ken Owens 27 June 2009
You The Man Be The Man Proverbs 14:14-27 Pastor Ken Owens 20 June 2009
A Testimony About Hell Luke 16:19-31 Guest Speaker 13 June 2009
Eyes That See And Ears That Hear Proverbs 14 1-13 Pastor Ken Owens 30 May 2009
Thing That Make You or Break You Proverbs 13 Pastor Ken Owens 23 May 2009
The Model Woman Proverbs 31:10-31 Pastor Ken Owens 16 May 2009
He That Hath An Ear Let Him Hear Rev. 3:22 Pastor Ken Owens 02 May 2009
The Difference Between The Good Guy and The Bad Guy Proverbs 12:1-9 Pastor Ken Owens 25 April 2009
3 Little Big Things Proverbs 11:1-9 Pastor Ken Owens 14 March 2009
Teetotaler Too (Part 2: Booze It And Lose It) John 2:1-11 Pastor Ken Owens 15 February 2003
Booze It And Lose It (Part1) Proverbs 20:1 Pastor Ken Owens 15 February 2003
Wednesday July 6 Bible Study Lesson for July 10th Pastor Ken Owens
How Shall We Live Luke 12:35-48 Pastor Ken Owens
Good News 1 Cor 15:1-8 Pastor Ken Owens
The Big Lie Luke 18:9-14 Pastor Ken Owens


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