Title Scripture Speaker Date
Jesus Loves the Little Children Luke 18:15-17 Pastor Ken Owens 19 October 2013
The King is Coming Luke 17:22-37 Pastor Ken Owens 28 September 2013
King Of Hearts Luke 17:20-21 Pastor Ken Owens 21 September 2013
The Walking Dead Luke 17:11-19 Pastor Ken Owens 07 September 2013
Three Marks of Humility Luke 17:1-10 Pastor Ken Owens 31 August 2013
A Hell of a Time Luke 19:19-31 Pastor Ken Owens 24 August 2013
Friends Sharing Jesus With Friends Matt. 9:9-13 Pastor Ken Owens 17 August 2013
How to Laugh Your Way to Hell Luke 16:14-18 Pastor Ken Owens 10 August 2013
Crooks Make The Best Christians Luke 16:1-13 Pastor Ken Owens 03 August 2013
The Pharisaical Son Luke 15:25-32 Pastor Ken Owens 27 July 2013
A Tale Of Two Sons Luke 15:11-24 Pastor Ken Owens 20 July 2013
Gods Lost and Found Luke 15:1-10 Pastor Ken Owens 13 July 2013
What it Takes to Follow Christ Luke 14:25-35 Pastor Ken Owens 06 July 2013
The Call of Repentance Matt. 4:17 Pastor Ken Owens 29 June 2013
A Nation Gone Under I Kings 14:21-31 Pastor Ken Owens 29 June 2013
Come and Dine Luke 14:15-24 Pastor Ken Owens 22 June 2013
Dining with Jesus Luke 14:1-14 Pastor Ken Owens 15 June 2013
When Temptation Comes I Corinthians 10:13 Pastor Ken Owens 15 June 2013
Effective Prayer Matt. 6:5 Guest Speaker 08 June 2013
CSI: Calvary Luke 13:31-35 Pastor Ken Owens 01 June 2013


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