Title Scripture Speaker Date
Friends of God Genesis 18:16-35 Pastor Ken Owens 12 January 2020
God's 20/20 Vision for Your Home Genesis 18:1-15 Pastor Ken Owens 05 January 2020
The Infinite Infant Matthew 1:16-25 Pastor Ken Owens 22 December 2019
What Happens When You Meet God and Hear Him Speak Genesis 17:17-27 Pastor Ken Owens 15 December 2019
Waiting on God in Worship Genesis 17:1-16 Pastor Ken Owens 08 December 2019
Psalm 100 Psalm 100 Pastor Ken Owens 01 December 2019
God Helps Those Who Die to Self Genesis 16:1-16 Pastor Ken Owens 17 November 2019
The First Woman at the Well Genesis 16:7-16 Pastor Ken Owens 17 November 2019
God Said It And That Settles It Genesis 15:13-21 Pastor Ken Owens 03 November 2019
Who Is Your King Genesis 14:17-24 Pastor Ken Owens 20 October 2019
God's Got An Army Genesis 14:13-16 Pastor Ken Owens 13 October 2019
The Friend of God Genesis 13:14-18 Pastor Ken Owens 29 September 2019
Lot's Sad Choice Genesis 13:10-13 Pastor Ken Owens 22 September 2019
Back to Bethel Genesis 13:1-9 Pastor Ken Owens 22 September 2019
Down and Out Genesis 12:10-20 Pastor Ken Owens 08 September 2019
Preaching Earthly Things and Heavenly Things John 3:9-12 Pastor Ken Owens 25 August 2019
Walking By Faith Genesis 12:1-9 Pastor Ken Owens 25 August 2019
When Gods People Are Where Thye Need to Be Nehemiah 10 Pastor Ken Owens 18 August 2019
The Call of Abraham Genesis 11:10-32 Pastor Ken Owens 18 August 2019
The Tower of Babel Pastor Ken Owens 11 August 2019


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