Eight charter members organized Bonneau Baptist Church in November 1921. Charter members included Rev. & Mrs. D. O. Rivers, Mrs. Leonora Spiers, Mrs. Effie Feagin, Mrs. Minnie Crawford, Mrs. Ada Binnarr, Mrs. W. A. Wall and Mr. B. A. Taylor. Initial meetings were held in the Bonneau school auditorium and an old store building. Mrs. Minnie Crawford later donated property and a white frame church building was constructed on the corner of Murry-Ferry and Church streets in 1925. Four Sunday school rooms were added to the original church building in 1949. Renovation took place in 1957, as the church changed its appearance to a brick building. The auditorium was remodeled with air-conditioning, heat, new pews and carpeting installed. In 1979 a newly constructed educational and fellowship facility was dedicated. A new sanctuary was erected and dedicated in 1982. The original sanctuary was torn down in 1986. A new building with 9 new classrooms, a new nursery, kitchen, and dinning hall was completed in November of 2001.

Yes, the Bonneau Baptist Church has certainly had a history of change. Her buildings and ministries have constantly changed to meet needs. She even changed her name from Bonneau Baptist Church to the First Baptist Church in July of 1971. Her attendance has changed as well. In 1921 there were 8 members and by 1971 there were 150. Currently we have 592 members on roll.

Pastors who have served the First Baptist Church of Bonneau include D. O. Rivers, E.K. Hyatt, S.P. Hiers, C. E. Thomas, Grady Wilson, Sheldon Jones, D.O. Davis, J.G. Wilson, W. Barfield, Clyde Smith, Arthur Smith, Hampton Perry, Harry Scarborough, James Kelly, Steve Rogers, Wilson Payne, Bradley Knight and Frank Banas. Those who have served as interim pastors include J.R. West, Sr., David Stone, Charles Parker, Tom Pratt, and Bernett Waitt.

Presently serving as pastor is Reverend Kenneth B. Owens, Jr., having been called by the church in March 1998. Pastor Ken and his wife Julie have two sons, Nye and Noah, and one daughter, Kayla.

First Baptist Church of Bonneau in 1925


First Baptist Church of Bonneau in 1971

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